The ARC management fee is inclusive.

There are no additional fees for rent, equipment, word or data processing services, graphic design of regularly contracted items such as a newsletter or directory, preparing mailings (under 200 pieces – mailings over 200 pieces will be subcontracted to a mailing service), telecommunications equipment and any other general office or personnel expenses. Office expenses such as postage, copying, telephone long distance, travel (as authorized by the client), office supplies (specifically for client activities) and any purchases on behalf of the client (printing, awards, meeting expenses, etc.) are billed to the client at cost with appropriate supporting documentation. ARC staff will abide by client travel policies or, if no staff travel policies exist, clients are invited to review ARC staff travel policies.


At ARC we believe in strong accountability to our clients. A representative of each client organization is provided a monthly activity and expense log. An expense log details all expenses on behalf of the client with supporting documentation.

Review of ARC performance

All contracts are reviewed annually with a discussion on performance in each of the “services required” areas.¬†Clients receive an annual summary report of hours used by activity in addition to a monthly time and activity report.