Social Media Management on the Go

Social media is constantly evolving. The landscape of social media has changed drastically over the years to match the needs of its users and stakeholders. As social media platforms have changed to adapt to user’s needs, the number of users has also increased. Facebook alone has over 2.13 billion monthly active users.

With so many users on different social media channels, it can be difficult to provide enough content for each. This can become increasingly difficult in the association management world as we are always on the move with client meetings and other day-to-day tasks. To stay on top of social media management, I use a number of mobile apps to keep the channels and content organized.

HootSuite Mobile

This app, like many other social media management software, coincides with the main HootSuite account. Having this app installed on my phone allows for me to check in on ongoing social media campaigns. This also comes in handy when preparing for the week ahead by monitoring how social media campaigns are performing and preemptively determining content changes. Having this app installed also means that I can be readily available for posting updates on Facebook/Twitter during client events.


This powerful mobile design app is one of my go-tos. The pricing for the app ranges from $4.99 per month to $29.99 a year. The free version, however, still provides a bevy of tools to use for editing images. If photos need additional attention outside of adding artistic filters, this app works great for producing creative pieces for posting to social media. One of the best free features of this app is its eraser and scissor tool which allow for more detailed cropping and cutting out of images.


Curating content for clients is one of my duties as the Communication Coordinator. Apps like Pocket allow me to quickly save interesting content I come across while browsing the internet to be used later. Prior to using Pocket, and Facebook’s “save this link” feature, I would screenshot content I wished to revisit later. Not only did this result in the rapid decline in my phone’s memory, but I also realized that I never revisited the content I had saved. By saving all of my potential content in one place, it saves time in curating topics for social media posts.

These tools, in addition to using the mobile apps for Facebook and Twitter, makes for a simpler social media managing experience when on the go. When discovering new and relevant content for client social media channels, it’s important to have multiple tools handy to save this content for future posting.


Sarah Thomas
Communication Coordinator