How can we help your organization grow? This is simply what we do best. We manage organizations full time with a professional, trained staff from a fully equipped business office. We have the depth of staff, time and technology to provide the best in management for your organization.

Communication with Clients

Ongoing communication with clients is a top priority at ARC. We have learned that the flow of information to and from clients is critical to the success of the management/client relationship.

General Administrative Support

Each ARC client is supported by a headquarters office providing a central point of contact for members and related parties. Clients receive a unique phone number answered with the client’s name. The administrative staff is available to open and process mail, receive and forward telephone, voice and email messages; store client’s records and supplies; prepare and send communications using mail, broadcast email and list serve technology. Each client may also maintain multiple databases, each customized to the client’s needs.

Membership Services

ARC will maintain a complete database record of a client’s membership including customizing the information to include all necessary client data. Communication to members can be done by mail, broadcast email and list serves. All of these communication technologies are maintained ‘in-house’ at ARC. Staff can assist the membership chair and committee in planning and conducting an ongoing membership promotion campaign designed to increase the membership annually. Membership information may also be maintained on a member’s only section of a website, and updated by ARC staff. Customized membership reports can also be developed at the client’s request. New and prospective member communication schedules can also be maintained according to the client’s policies.


ARC staff will provide overall meeting management for all client activities. The meeting management includes development of all promotional materials, registration processing, development of registration databases, management of trade shows including promotion, sale of booths, and exhibitor relations; negotiation with meeting facilities including site visits; liaison with meeting facilities including attendance counts, meeting room set-ups, food and beverage needs, and special activities; meeting budget management and preparation of evaluation reports.

Communication and Publications

Complete graphic design and publishing services are provided to ARC clients. This includes preparation of written content, layout and design, competitive bidding with multiple printers and overseeing the printing and distribution of the completed item. Printed and electronic communication materials include magazines, newsletters, brochures, and membership directories.

Publication management capabilities also include soliciting advertising for publications, billings, and collections, develop rate schedules, process space contracts and insertion orders, coordinate production with advertisers and printers and maintain an advertising schedule.

Relations with Board, Committee Chairs and Members

ARC provides professional guidance and assistance to the client’s Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. This can include the development of an annual Board and Committee Chair orientation program. ARC will provide appropriate staff support for Board meetings, and maintain a record of the actions taken at the Board meetings and at other official meetings of the organization by preparing and distributing minutes of meetings of the Board. Staff will provide support services to each Committee Chair and Committee in preparation and execution of its responsibilities.


ARC is committed to providing clients up to date, complete financial information, according to the client’s policies. All income is tracked using a ‘cash recap’ system, posted to a computer accounting package, and reported to the client. Disbursements are prepared at the ARC office and distributed to the appropriate persons according to the client’s policies. Billing and collection of client receivables will be provided as needed. Financial reports will be provided to the client as requested or according to the client’s policies.

ARC will also oversee the compliance with state and federal laws, prepare the information and arrange for the preparation of federal and state tax forms and secure a qualified person to prepare such forms and arrange for, and assist in the preparation of an annual audit of financial records.

Accounting Responsibilities

Accounting duties for each client are performed by the account executive and coordinator for that client. Financial reports are prepared by the account executive as requested by the client using standard accounting software (Quickbooks). Each account executive is expected to have a complete understanding of basic association accounting and be able to prepare reports and discuss them with the Board or other client representatives as necessary. Should further customization of financial reports be required, Excel spreadsheets can be developed to present the financial information in a format to meet the client needs.