National Volunteer Week April 15-21, 2018


One third of Americans are part of an association community. Every year millions of people donate personal time and resources to make the world a better place. As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, I encourage all association professionals to reflect on the dues dollars, countless hours away from their families and the intellectual property that the leaders of our organizations so willingly give to their non-profits.

When I think about the volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors and Committees of ARC’s 25+ clients, I see hundreds of passionate, selfless people. These are sincerely generous individuals who place themselves in the position to be critiqued by their peers while they tackle the role of addressing the daunting challenges of marketing and regulatory issues in some industries, and the educational gaps and trade issues within others.

As an individual these tasks are insurmountable, but by coming together as a collective voice of informed and respected industry representatives, these volunteers can literally move mountains! The true power of associations is clear. Old adages are often the truest – there is really “strength in numbers”.

The influence of our volunteers has saved the lives of many of our family members and friends. Volunteers in the medical, health, safety and security industries are establishing regulation and setting requirements that keep our kids safe on the streets, our health care facilities clean and protect the most vulnerable in our population from being taken advantage of.

I feel fortunate and privileged to have had the opportunity to enable these groups. I am honored to be charged with the organization and administrating the functions of their association that allows the space and framework for these industry leaders to carry their important work forward.

To every volunteer I’ve had the pleasure to serve – THANK YOU for every minute you have spent on bettering our world. Raise a glass to toast yourselves during this National Volunteer week. Those of you behind the scenes may never hear it face-to-face, but you have the sincere thanks of many!