ARC Emerges – 2020

MILWAUKEE, WI, January 2020 –– Jennifer Rzepka, CAE is excited to announce the ownership change and rebranding of Svinicki Association Management, Inc. (SAMI) to Association Resource Center, Inc. (ARC).

Rzepka has been working with the company for twenty years, for the past five years as 50% owner while purchasing the company from former business partner Jane A. Svinicki, CAE. The two have had a long, successful history that Rzepka looks forward to expanding in the new decade as President of ARC. With a full-time staff of over a dozen employees serving nearly twenty state and national non-profit associations, the company has had a strong and consistent path that made for a smooth transition through the buy-out.

Rzepka says, “It’s thrilling to see the re-invigorated engagement and buy-in as I continue making changes, empowering the incredibly talented management team and engaging staff members at all levels of the company. I am honored to carry this company into the future and keep our strong legacy alive of exceptional people providing exceptional services to our clients.”

Changes have already begun with the modification of workstations to create a more flexible and collaborative environment. A large, open space has been cleared to make way for a community workstation as staff continue to find more comfort and ability to develop by working closer together in non-traditional seating arrangements.

Along with the recently expanded ability for more remote work, the time spent in the office now involves more ‘break time’ to spark learning, engage the creative side of the brain and balance the intensity of client work with some colorful and fun group games and activities.

As an active member of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) and the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Rzepka earned her Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential in 2010 and has renewed and maintained it to date. This credential marks her strong professional and ethical conduct and confirms she holds the wide range of knowledge essential to expertly manage the affairs of an association. She believes strongly in investing in the continued education of her staff, three of which also hold the credential.

Rzepka’s commitment to excellence and the continual process of improvement is also shown through the company being one of the few association management companies (AMCs) in the world to hold the esteemed title of being accredited by the AMC Institute. Of more than 500 AMCs, fewer than 20% hold this status, which demonstrates the company’s overall commitment and ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to clients. The AMC Institute accreditation is recognized and supported by the American Society of Association Executives and The Center for Association Leadership and is based on the ANSI Standard of Good Practices for the AMC Industry. The process of be becoming accredited (and re-accredited on a four-year cycle) revolves around an intense evaluation by an independent auditor is performed to review the company’s operating policies and procedures.


For more information please contact Jennifer Rzepka, 414-276-8788,